OnlineAuto Car Buying Service in Australia

Thanks to the our nationwide network of dealership relationships and our experienced team, we could save you time and money on your new car purchase. We can even organise a test drive at a place of your convenience, so you can try before you buy.

Use our car buying service to buy your perfect new car.

OnlineAuto is a car broker, or a car buying service which helps take the stress out of buying a new car.

Our dedicated team of car buying experts help you to buy a car online, negotiating a deal on your behalf from finding your car in stock to getting the best price, to delivery to your door with a full tank of fuel.

We can also help arrange trade-in of your current car.

We’ve helped people into their new car in every state in Australia. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today to help you get on the road in your new car, sooner.

Benefits of Using a Car Buying Service

  • Negotiate a deal on your behalf
    Save yourself the hassle of going to multiple dealerships. Our expert team will negotiate a deal on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to haggle for price or availability.
  • Expert team of car brokers
    While you might only buy a new car once every 5 or so years, we buy cars for people every single day. Get personalised, expert advice from our team of car brokers.
  • One-stop-shop
    We provide extra support to make the whole process as seamless as possible. We can help arrange trade in for your existing car.
  • Access dealer network
    We have a nation-wide network of dealer relationships, so choosing OnlineAuto will give you more options than if you went to your local dealership. This also means if you have a make and model in mind but aren’t sure if it’s in stock, we can find it at one of our dealers across the country and have your car delivered to your door.
  • Convenience - buying and delivery
    Because OnlineAuto is 100% online, get your new car delivery arranged from the convenience of your own home. We will do all the hard work for you and be here to support you at every step of the way from choosing your car until it arrives on your driveway.
  • Test drives
    We can arrange test drives to a place of your choice, whether that be a workplace or your home, to make sure you’re happy with the car you want to buy.

Buying a new car, made easy.


Phone call

Firstly, we’ll get to know what you’re looking for, and if you need any assistance with the trade in. At this stage, we can give you advice on what the best car for you may be.


Test drive

If you haven't already, at this point we can help arrange a test drive for your chosen make and model to make sure you’re comfortable before buying.



From here, we’ll do the hard work for you and negotiate pricing, stock and delivery with the dealer on your behalf. We’ll do all the hard work for you!



After speaking to our nationwide network of dealers, we’ll come back to you to let you know what the price will be.


Sign the order form

When you’re happy with the deal, you’ll sign your order form and await delivery of your new car!



We will arrange delivery as soon as possible to your address, all with a full tank of fuel.

Customer Feedback

How does a car buying service work?

You might use a car buying service, or a broker, if you’re looking to get a new car without the hassle of the haggle at the dealership. At OnlineAuto, we can help negotiate a deal on your behalf, potentially bringing down the price and bringing forward delivery dates.

After you’ve test driven, are happy with the deal and are ready to sign the order form, we can either deliver the car to your home with a full tank of fuel, or we can arrange pickup from the dealer at a time that suits you.

Online car brokers like OnlineAuto have relationships with dealer networks, and we deal with dealers on a daily basis.

We’ve helped people buy new cars in every state and territory in Australia. No matter where you are, we can help.

After our first phone call with you, we can assist in arranging a test drive for the car you want. You tell us the make and model you’re interested in, and we’ll work with the local dealer to get a test drive booked in.

At we charge no additional fees for our service. Our referral fee is paid to us by the winning dealer that we source your car from and is included in the price of the car, covering procurement and delivery management. It also ensures you have a dedicated car buying specialist from the beginning of the process to finally having the car delivered to your front door.

Our head office is in Brisbane, but as an online car broker we can look after people all over Australia no matter where you live.

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